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Treatment Product

Formulated especially for treatment of the area around the eyes. Reduces the lines of expression, the appearance of the swollen eyes (bags) diminishes dark circles and strengthens the growth of the eye lashes by freeing its follicle.


It is a natural mask of clay and minerals. Removes dead cells, normalizes the production of oils, and most important, it helps to eliminate the bacteria that produces some cases of acne.


This product does not clog pores and contains no oils. It accelerates the natural growth of the cells, moisturizing the skin, providing elasticity and minimizes the expression lines. This product is an effective regenerator that in turn helps the skin to be moist and radiant.


Helps to diminish or disappear spider veins especially in the face. It will accelerate the recovery of the hematomas caused by blows or plastic surgery. It also has a soothing effect on irritated skin. Principal ingredients are Vitamin K and Glycerin.


This cream has a principal component of fruit acids. Helps to control problems with acne and excessive oils in the skin, making a very smooth exfoliation. In combination with Skin Renewing Serum, it is an excellent treatment for dehydrated skin.


Combines the gradual whitening with the protection of the sun’s rays moisturizing the skin. It protects from the sun’s rays, moisturizes and reinforces the gradual whitening effect of the pigmented zones.


Prevents and heals all discomforts caused by irritation or inflammation of the skin. It is recommended for people with sensible skin or others that suffer other types of allergies.

The content is 2 oz. and its texture is creamy. The approximate duration of this product is 3 months.


This cream is used to smooth and level the color of the skin. It helps with problems of uneven pigmentation, freckles and dark blemishes caused by the effects of the solar rays, organic disorders, and pregnancy.